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Going Back To Work: How To Ensure A Smooth Transition Into Childcare

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If you're a stay-at-home parent, and you're heading back to work after a long break, childcare might seem a bit daunting. This is especially true if you and your child haven't had any real breaks from each other. If you're not sure how to prepare for childcare, read the list provided below. These steps will help ensure a stress-free entrance into childcare.

Arrange Video Monitoring

Now that you're heading back to work, you might worry about not seeing your child throughout the day. Unfortunately, that lack of contact can be stressful, and worrisome. That's where video monitoring comes into the picture. Many childcare facilities allow for video monitoring over the internet. That gives you the ability to check in from time to time. If issues arise throughout the day, you can address them quickly. Video monitoring also allows you to ease into the transition back to work. 

Create Your Phone Tree

If you're going back to work after being a stay-at-home parent, now's the time to create your phone tree. There might be times when work prevents you from taking care of a childcare emergency. A phone tree gives your childcare workers the ability to contact someone else on your list. This is especially beneficial should a problem arise. Knowing that there are others who can step in to help during an emergency will reduce some of your stress and anxiety. It also ensures that your child has constant access to help, should the need arise. 

Request a Packing List

If you're sending your child off to childcare for the first time, you might not know what they'll need. Unfortunately, that lack of knowledge can cause some problems at the childcare facility, especially if you don't pack the right items for your child. To make sure your child has what they need throughout the day, be sure to request a packing list. The childcare staff can provide you with a list of everything your child will need during the day. 

Practice the Drop-Off

If this will be your child's first time in childcare, you might both be ill-prepared for the initial drop-off. If that's the case, some practice sessions might be in order. One way to practice drop-offs is to get your friends and family members involved. Pack your child up like you would for their first day of childcare, and then drop them off at a designated helper's home. Once you drop your child off, leave for an hour or so. This process will prepare both of you for the big day.