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Preschool Planning | 3 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Child For Preschool

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Adapting to the idea of going to preschool is difficult for any child because this is a completely new environment. Prepping your child for preschool will ease his or her transition. You'll want to make this transition preparation fun and exciting, since learning doesn't have to be a stressful task at this age. Here are some easy tips to help you prepare your child for going to preschool.

Organise Social Engagements

Children going to preschool have to learn to get along with others. If your child hasn't spent much time with other kids, then it's time to plan social engagements and activities with other neighbourhood children. You can organise play dates or enroll your child in a few hobby classes to get him or her used to spending time with other children. Otherwise, your child might struggle to share and cooperate in a preschool environment. A poor preschool experience could have a lasting negative impact, so make sure you prepare your child properly by prepping him or her to feel comfortable in a social environment with other children.

Give Your Child A Sense of Preschool Expectation

Most kids are anxious about going to preschool, so take the time to offer your child some information about what to expect when he or she gets there. Brushing off your child's fears will not make them magically disappear, so be responsible enough to give your child a sense of what he or she can expect. For example, discuss where he or she will go and what they will do with the children in class with him or her. Before preschool even begins, make the effort to walk into the classroom with your child and show him or her what it will be like. You can do this when other children and teachers are around, so he or she gets a sense of how preschool functions.

Create a Goodbye and Hello Routine to Reduce Anxiety

This is perhaps the first time that your child is going to be away from you, so he or she will probably be worried that they won't see you again because kids simply don't know any better. Create a special goodbye and hello routine that assures your child that you will see him or her again. For example, a special high-five, a bear hug or a handshake ritual every day when you say goodbye or when you pick up your child will help them ease out of his separation anxiety. Even if you're busy or in a hurry, make sure you follow this routine daily because you will reduce anxiety with familiar gestures. Once this becomes a daily routine for your child, his or her distress will reduce over time until it completely disappears.

Preparing your child diligently for preschool is a part of responsible parenting –– follow these easy tips to make it as easy as possible for your child.