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Nanny Diaries | 3 Personality Wins Enabling You To Entrust The Care Of Your Child To A New Nanny

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Finding a new nanny is stressful for any parent. Is the nanny going to be as good as the last, better or worse? Will the nanny take good care of the child? What kind of background does the nanny have? While you'll likely do your due diligence in researching factors like background and criminal history, look for these personality wins, so that you'll feel more comfortable entrusting the care of your child to a new nanny.

A Keen Sense Of Promptness –– Proving Reliability At All Times

You probably will need to rely on your nanny to be on time before you go to work or even to take the kids to school when you cannot. This requires a great deal of responsibility, so that you can rest assured in the knowledge that your nanny will handle everything in a timely manner in your absence. For instance, nannies need to manage time in a way that allows them to reach school on time and complete whatever household chores are entrusted to them. You can gauge your nanny's sense of punctuality through every interview round you hold. If you notice that the nanny is always a few minutes early, then you likely have a reliable person on your hands. If the nanny keeps arriving late (even by just a few minutes), ring your warning bells immediately and look elsewhere.

Embracing The Art Of Flexibility –– To Keep Up With Changing Situations

There's no manual in the world that can answer all the questions about taking care of kids, nor is there a specific schedule or role that defines a nanny. In fact, nannies probably have one of the most versatile jobs in the world because handling children can change on a daily basis, especially as they grow up and are influenced by external factors like schools and play groups. When discussing the job role with the nanny, be sure to find out how comfortable they are with changes in situations and daily responsibilities. If a nanny seems resistant to changing environments, you may want to look at an alternative candidate.

Filled With Passion –– Sparking A Fun Environment For Children

Passionate nannies can make a huge difference because they spark an environment filled with fun and frolic –– fostering happy and healthy children. When interviewing a nanny, make sure you find out what kind of activities they have planned for the kids on an everyday basis to keep them entertained. Some nannies are full of great ideas to hold the interest of kids from different age groups. But a nanny who doesn't know how to answer this question should perhaps be a 'no' on your checklist.

Finding the right nanny is hard, but look out for these personality wins to make the best possible decision for your kids.