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Easy Ways To Be Involved In Your Child's Journey Through Kindergarten

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From a young age, your kids need to see you showing interest in their school life. As busy as your day may be, you have to make time to get involved. How can you do this? Here are a few simple ways that you can get involved.

Always Show Up

Do not fail to attend parent-teacher conferences. These meetings are the perfect opportunity to be in the know about your child's progress at kindergarten. Outside of pre-scheduled meetings, you can always ask to schedule additional one-on-one meetings with the teachers if you feel they are necessary.

Also be sure to attend any plays or concerts. If the kindergarten is holding a career day, let your child see you there talking about your career to their class.

Volunteer. Volunteer

Kindergarten is such an exciting time, with so much to do. You can always jump in and volunteer to help with one thing or the other. You can volunteer to help with planned fun events and charities. You can also volunteer to play chaperone for the kids when they go out on field trips.

Don't hesitate to volunteer for anything that will fit into your schedule. You do not have to be homeroom parent at the kindergarten, but there is certainly plenty that you can do in your available time.

Help With Homework

Start by doing your best to create an environment that is conducive for doing homework. Switch off the TV and any other electronics that may be a distraction during study time. Offer your child some guidance as they do their homework and answer any questions they may have. That is definitely not to say that you should do the homework for them. Once they are done, review the work they have done, and sign their diary as required.

Be The Teacher Outside Class

Always be in the know about what your child is learning at kindergarten. Outside of the assignment given at school as homework, take time to learn with your child. Read with them. Write and colour together. Make learning less abstract by relating concepts learned in school with things they interact with every day outside class. As always, do not neglect to play with your child.

Kids in kindergarten are quite impressionable. Taking an active role shows them that you are very interested in what they are doing. This interest will only drive them to do better. Contact a kindergarten in your area to learn more.